Shadow Fight 2 Modes Complete User Guide

Shadow Fight 2 Modes Complete User Guide 2018

Shadow fight 2 is the fighting niche game. It was developed by Nekki in 2011. First it was Facebook based fighting game like others such as 8 ball pool,Candy crush etc. Later on this game was removed due to some issues. Then Nekki took the decision and launched this game to play store. Shadow fight 2 modes are very unique. And this game is not very easy to play. That is why this game is getting huge fame day by day.

Shadow fight 2 modes are very versatile. If you want to play this game without mod. Then this article is very helpful for you. Shadow fight 2 game is quite harder version then the special edition. Shadow fight 3 is also available in play store now but still game players want to play shadow fight 2. You can download shadow fight 2  and enjoy the unlimited coins and resources. It is just plug and play type. Any one can easily download and install the shadow fight 2 latest mod version from this website.

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Complete shadow fight 2 modes

shadow fight 2 modes

Shadow Fight 2 Modes – Latest Guide 2018

Due to its versatility, There are different modes which the user can play and enjoy. The different modes are survival,Tournaments, Boss fights, Multiplayer modes, Ninja fights etc. To discuss shadow fight 2 modes in detail. We are going to elaborate each modes interface, the reward and other details below.

1. Surviving Mode :

Survival mode contains the eligibility of 10 successive rounds. In simple words player will have to win 10 rounds. It is not battle. Each battle has 3 rounds. So you just have to win total of 10 rounds in surviving mode.

Reward – Coins and Small XP.

2. Tournament Mode : 

Tournament is the basic and essential round of the game. The total stages user will have to clear is 24. It means you should win 72 rounds in total. Because each stage has 3 rounds. And if you win 2/3 rounds. Only then you can move to the next battle. So it is quite challenging for you guys.

Rewards – More coins and Xp.

3. Boss Fights Mode : 

This is the most difficult mode for the users. You will clear 5 stages to fight with demon boss. Each stage has 3 rounds and 2 rounds are compulsory to win. Total 10 rounds are necessary to win for clearing this round.

When you will fight with demon boss. You have to clear 3 rounds of total 5 rounds. battle with demon boss contains 5 rounds in total. Its not an easy task. If you want to move to the next mode. you will have to defeat demon boss at any cause.

Boss Fight Rewards — As fight is difficult so you will get more reward. such as Gems, Free energy, Coins and XP also.

4. Challenges Mode :

When it comes to challenging mode. It is some how related to tournament mode. Which I have discussed above. When user will complete total 6 stages of tournament mode. He will be eligible to play challenges mode. Now let me tell you the story of challenges mode.

Challenges in shadow fight 2 modes contains 24 stages. As the predefined rules state that, you will have to win 2/3 rounds. So total of 48 rounds should be won by you. In order to clear challenges mode.

Rewards For Challenges __ Gold, coins and small amount of XP.

Advanced Shadow Fight 2 Modes

There are some other shadow fight 2 modes which are considered as advance level. Let us discuss them also in detail below.

  • Duels Mode : After clearing 2 battles from boss fights mode. players are eligible to play Duel mode. You should have to win 2 Duels fights at least by hook or by crook. One can not play duel mode online at any cost. Duel mode can be played once in 4 hours only.
  • Underworld Mode : In shadow fight 2 modes, this mode is for multiplayer users. Players will have to make a team to win the battles against demon fights. Again internet connection is must for underworld mode.
  • Ascension Mode [Fighting with Ninjas] : After winning the duel modes. As the reward, User will get the ticket for ascension. If you are the player, they will ask you to play and proof it. Fighting difficulty increase to 200%. Reward for ascension mode is spin.

Final Verdict : 

I hope we have discussed shadow fight 2 modes in detail. I repeat this mode is interesting only if you want to play the real version of this game. If you want to play shadow fight 2 mod apk version then you will not have to worry about these modes at all. Because you can win any battle due to unlimited coins and energy. If you have any query about shadow fight 2 then please comment below or Follow us on Facebook. I will help you in no time. Please share this article as sharing is caring 🙂



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